Light of His Presence

March 9, 2014 Speaker: Carlos Montoya Series: Exodus

Overview on Exodus 25:23-40

Exodus 25:23-30

Moses has entered the cloud on Mount Sinai and is now meeting with the Lord. God has given him instruction on how to construct the tabernacle and the things in it. The tabernacle is to be at the center of life so as to instruct the people and show us as Christians how holy God is and how we should approach him. God has created us to be worshipers, and this preserves Gods original intent for us. God is restoring the people back to himself. We see Jesus is the ultimate ful­filment of the tabernacle Hebrews 8:1-5. God instructs Moses on how to build the table of show bread, or the bread of presence. This is one of the three ways in which Gods people are perpetually represented in the tabernacle before the presence of God. Just as the bread was continually there, God is at the center of our lives and we His people continually live before Him. This also represents the fact that God provides the bread and is the sustenance of our lives Psalm 139:1-16. God’s presence will never leave or forsake us and there is nothing we can do to escape His presence. Our sin brings shame and separation and is wilful turning away from God; repentance is to turn back to him.

1. What does it mean to live before the face of God?

  • Have you ever tried to hide from God and why?
  • How has God provided for you?

2. How have you felt lost or isolated from God and others?

  • How does sin keep you from the presence of God?

3. In what ways do you need to repent and turn back to God?

  • How do we know God will never forsake us?

Exodus 25:31-40

God also instructs Moses on how to build the Golden lamp stand. This is different than the previous things in the tabernacle because it is made completely from pure gold. The point of any lamp stand is to give light; this one in particular is called the light of the world by the priests and the Jewish people. This lampstand has its ultimate fulfi­lment in Jesus as the pure and holy light of the world. In John 8:12-20 Jesus was claiming to be the center of the world and the temple. The Pharisees would have recognized this blueprint. They knew He was calling himself God. At the cross Jesus triumphed over darkness with light and restored our relationship with the father. Now as believers we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and represent Jesus to the world around us. We are now the light of the world as reflections of His glory Matthew 5:14-16. Just as we live our lives before the face of God we live our lives before men. Our lives are meant to be lived publicly and now should be radically different. However it does not stop there. We should also shine the light in our homes to our families in private. The light of Christ will overcome all darkness and as reflections of His glorious light we should shine in all aspects of life.

1. Do you have the light of life or are you walking in darkness?

2. Do you have a public testimony for Jesus?

  • How do you let your light shine before the world?
  • In what ways have you hidden your light?

3. Do you show the light in your private life as well as your public life?

  • Would your family describe you as a light in your household?

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