Spirit Filled Servants

June 1, 2014 Speaker: Carlos Montoya Series: Exodus

Verse: Exodus 31

Overview of Exodus 31:1-18

Exodus 31:1-11

In the last 7 chapters God has given Moses the principles for the kingdom, everything from the 10 Commandments to the building of the tabernacle. Up until this point Moses has been the main character of the story, but now God the will begin to expand His story. God appoints two men to design and implement the blueprints that He has given Moses and to come along side Him to help with ministry. These men are named by God. The big idea is that God takes ordinary people and by his spirit empowers them to do extraordinary things. This is a call God places on their lives. It is a personal call because He is a personal God, this is the same way He calls us today. Since the foundations of the world He has known us and elected us to be a part of His family to be used for His glory Ephesians 1:3. He has appointed us for ministry. God never provides conversion without commission Ephesians 2:8-10, but He will give the us the ability to accomplish His will by the Indweling of the Spirit. Without this it is all for nothing because we can not do anything in our own strength and power. The work the Lord has for us can only be accomplished if we are spirit filled servants. Acts 1:7-8 Through our faith and submission the Gospel will be spread.

1. Do you operate your life under the power of the Holy Spirit?

  • As our example, how did Jesus conduct his life?

2. What have you been called by God to do specifically?

  • Where are your talents, and what do you have a propencity towards?

3. Where have you seen the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in your Life?

Exodus 31:12-18

The Hebrew people had just been delivered from the cruel slavery of Egypt where they were worked to death and had no rest. The Lord said to Moses “Above all you shall keep the sabbath”. The sabbath is a Holy day of consecration so as to recognize that it is The Lord who sustains and sanctifies. It was a sign between God and His people to show them favor, and that he had set them apart from all other people. God, by sanctifying this day let them know that he sanctified them as well setting them apart for his service. The sabbath is designed for our benefit as well as for God's honor. We are to rest from worldly pursuits, and devote ourselves, and all we are to God's glory. After the flood in Genesis God makes a covenant with Noah through the rainbow. In this section of Exodus a covenant is made through the sabbath. Now the new covenant we have with God is through the blood of Christ. The symbol of this covenant is the cross and the tomb. God will use us but wants us to rest in him. Jesus has already done everything for us. If we are obedient to what he has for us, and believe in Him, He will handle the rest. John 14:12-17

1. Do you rest in Jesus and his finished work on the cross?

  • What does Sabbath look like in your life?

2. How do you need to be obedient to what God has called you to do?

  • How can you accomplish this?

3. How does your work and rest give honor to God?

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