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All That Glitters is Not God pt.3

June 22, 2014 Preacher: Carlos Montoya Series: Exodus

Overview of Exodus 32:15-35

In this next section of scripture Moses has come down from the mountain with the tablets that were written by the very finger of God and were solely the work of God. We see that this is in contrast to the golden calf which was the work of man. By creating and worshipping this idol the people have now broken the covenant they made with God. This covenant was initiated and upheld by Him. When Moses breaks the tablets it is symbolic of the covenant being broken, and God is not pleased with them. Idolatry is so deceptive it can fools us into thinking we are pleasing God. We take good things and blessings God gives us and turn them into idols. The lie is that we are doing good things that are pleasing to God. We often think the cost is not that great or is worth paying. In God’s grace there is forgiveness but in his government there has to be consequence for our sin. God calls his people a stiff necked people. They have become like the idol they created. This is a consequence that follows them for generations. Sometimes the consequences of our sin can linger throughout our lives, but even though we have broken Gods covenant God will always hold up His end. We in and of ourselves cannot please God. Our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful. We turn to anything but God, and have to be constantly reminded of His goodness and grace. Left to ourselves we will always choose evil. Thankfully Jesus paid the price for our sin at great cost to Him, it cost Him His life.

1. Do you use your blessings to please yourself or bless others?

2. How have your Idols deceived you into thinking you are pleasing God?

3. What have been some of the consequences of sin in your life?

4. In which situations have you thought the cost of sin was worth paying?

Moses in his anger feeds the people their idol so they become sick over it. Sin makes God sick and should make us sick, but we have become so desensitized to it. This is symbolic of the fact that our Idols will not satisfy and will be consumed and then expelled. They become waste in our lives. God wants us to deal with our sin directly and immediately. We must own up to sin, confess, be transparent and not shift the blame like our father Adam or Aaron in this scripture. As children of God we must deal with our sin and see it as He sees it so it will not destroy our intimacy with God or our fruitfulness in this world. Some of the children of Israel continued in their sin because the calf was only a surface idol, and so the tribe of Levi steps up and kills all those who would not turn from their sin. This is ultimately where idolatry and sin lead Romans 6:22-23. In order to have radical transformation there must be radical amputation. Moses now must intercede for the people and so he identifies with them. This is a picture of Jesus intercession for us. In this, God did not change His mind; this was all so His glory would be shown. We must turn to God in faith repent, and trust in the power of God and his Holy Spirit. We must put all of our faith completely in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

1. Are you sick over your sin or have you become desensitized to it?

2. Do you make excuses for sin blaming God, your circumstances etc?

3. What sin do you have to deal with this week specifically?

  • How do you need to repent?

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