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Indwelling Glory

September 14, 2014 Speaker: Carlos Montoya Series: Exodus

Verse: Exodus 40

Overview of Exodus 40:1-38

From the beginning we have seen that Exodus is a book all about the redemption of Gods people and restoration of relationship. God’s people were dominated by the Pharaoh and his people, they were without hope. Then God uses Moses to bring His people out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand. At the base of Mount Sinai God reveals His character and His glory dwells with the people through the tabernacle. Through the book of Exodus and the life of Moses we see parallels to the life of a Christian. Moses was saved from destruction, then reconciled to God, and now lives with Him in glory. We are first dominated by sin John 8:34, but now are redeemed and purchased by the blood of Jesus Romans 3:23-24. The good news through this is that we are no longer enslaved to that sin, and now can receive revelation from God. The way God reveals himself to us is through his word. Scripture is the standard to which we measure everything. We confirm everything with the word of God. Because we have been redeemed we can now hear from Him. We are all given gifts by the spirit to testify about Gods glory and be instruments of His glory 2 Corinthians 5:18. God through Jesus has forgiven all sin. And so now are all ambassadors of Christ to the world called to the ministry of reconciliation. Jesus has reconciled us to God and each other and now we must bring the message of reconciliation to the world.

1. How would you define reconciliation?

2. How does your Christian life reflect the story of Exodus specifically?

a. What has God revealed to you through the teaching?

b. What has God revealed to you specifically in your life?

3. What does it mean to have eternal security?

a. How do we bring this message to our city?

The whole of the Christian life is by Gods glory for Gods glory. God sends His glory to abide in us through the person of the Holy Spirit. We are now temples of Gods Spirit and his glory, even though our bodies are mortal 2 Corinthians 5:1-4. We see this last chapter of Exodus is also all about the glory of the Lord. The tabernacle is finished and all the work has been done. The tabernacle itself was designed to be the center of all life for the Hebrew people. It was the place where the very God of the universe dwells with His people, but all of this was nothing without anointing. This anointing is being set apart for God and His mission. Only through anointing we are admitted to the holy priesthood 1 Peter 2:9-10. Exodus being a shadow of the new covenant, we see this anointing comes to us through the blood of Jesus. Being created in the image of God our goal is to reveal and reflect Gods glory for Gods glory, this is our mission. We have to moment by moment come in contact with His glory, and just like the tabernacle it must be at the very center of our lives. God has revealed to us all we need to know to accomplish His mission 2 Peter 1:3-11. It has never been about what we do but about what He has done through the cross. The way that Exodus ends is the way it is all going to end Revelation 21:1-23, it is all for our ultimate fulfilment and Gods greatest glory.

1. Have you been anointed by the blood of Christ?

a. What does this mean for your life?

2. How do you reflect Gods glory in your life?

a. How do we keep him the center of our lives?

3. How can we share the glory of God with the world around us?

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