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Satan's Schemes and Soldiers

January 25, 2015 Preacher: Carlos Montoya Series: War

Community Group Questions

War: The Battle is Real

Week 3

Ephesians 6:11-19

As we continue our series on war in spiritual warfare. Pastor Carlos brings to light the tactics the enemy uses. The organization and structure of how Satan and his demons work. He acts in such a way to diminish your fruitfulness both as a believer and as a church. As believers we must remember that fear is not from God and because we are in Christ we have nothing to fear.

1. What tactics have you experience from the enemy that have robbed your fruitfulness?

2. Have you considered the circumstances you may be going through is an attack of spiritual warfare?

3. How do we equip ourselves as God’s Army from understanding the structure and how covertly the enemy operates?

  • How is that different from what society has tried to tell us?

4. What does the bible show us is the number one picture of Christ?

  • Why does Satan hate it so much?

Pastor Carlos described how everything we do is worship to God. For that reason, Satan tries to preach a different gospel. The enemy is not omnipresent (can’t be everywhere at once). So he uses his demons in different regions of the earth. He influences rulers and authorities in this world to drive the false gospel, and once we begin to compromise with the devil….WE LOSE!

1. Where did these demons come from?

  • When did these angels become evil?

2. The bible shows how demon’s work through idolatry; how have they influenced the idols in our community and the world around us?

  • What does demon organization look like here in Santa Fe?

3. As believers we know we win the war in the end; but are we winning the battles daily?

  • Society should give us a barometer of who’s winning the battle; what are you going to do about it, Christian?
  • Are we going to just allow the abortion rate to go up?
  • Are we going to allow our Marriages to be destroyed?
  • Are we going to allow our communities to continue to be fatherless?

4. If Satan can destroy a family, he can destroy the gospel; Men how do you fight the enemy?

  • Women how do you fight the enemy?

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