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The Power of Prayer

March 15, 2015 Preacher: Carlos Montoya Series: War

Scripture: Ephesians 6:18

As we continue our study through Spiritual Warfare. We focus our attention to prayer. We are reminded how that an effective defense (Against the Devil, our Flesh and Society) is a good offense. We have many tools to equip ourselves for a good offense: renewing our mind, preaching the word of God, training disciples, and training up our children and scripture memory; which is necessary to overcoming temptation, false doctrine and false feelings.

1. Are you battling this warfare on the offense?

  • Or are you constantly on the defense?

2. How effective is your offense in your life right now?

3. What effective ways can you as a CG equip each other to battle offensively?

4. Is application truly being lived out in your life right now?

  • What areas are you struggling to do so?

Prayer for us as a church is thought of as the Air Force. We can affect the outcome of spiritual battles at long distances. Prayer in a personal aspect, is thought of as a long range rifle. Pin point accuracy and extremely effective. Apostle Paul in vs 18 explains to us as Christians on How to pray, who to pray for, when to pray and how to endure prayer perseverance. The idea is that we are involved in many kinds of prayer. It’s important to be alert and aware.

1. What does your conversation with God look like?

  • Do you take the time to listen to him?

2. What is the meaning of supplication?

3. In spiritual battles, why do you find yourself talking to the enemy?

4. What does it mean to pray in accordance with the spirit?

5. Are you mindful to pray for the people God has you think of?

  • Including your enemy?

I “pray” that you as a group and individually can work to become better prayer warriors. Please take the time as a group to think of ways to do that and how to be accountable to each other. After all, the most work you can do….is through PRAYER!

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