Then They Will Fast

September 13, 2015 Speaker: Guest Speaker Series: #RealTalk

After teaching us how to pray, Jesus moves on to teach us, His disciples, the proper way that a Kingdom-citizen should fast. As Kingdom-citizens our chief end in life is glorify God and enjoy Him forever. While on earth, Jesus’ 12 disciples did not fast which Jesus attributes to the fact that it was because He was among them in person [Mark 2:18-20]. If we think about fasting in light of that, we as present-day, post-ascension Believers should practice fasting as a spiritual discipline to focus more on Christ’s spiritual presence so that we might enjoy Him.

• Do you enjoy God?
• What does it mean/look like to enjoy God?
• Do you desire to enjoy God?

In the Old Testament fasting is primarily associated with repentance and mourning over sin [2 Samuel 12:15b-16]. The word fast literally means “no food” but as we learned, a true fast is any time we abstain from something we have the right to enjoy in order to focus more fully on enjoying Christ. Our reasons for fasting should always be to enjoy God, whether we are fasting to get direction or discernment from God, or healing, or we might be fasting because we’re in mourning. Whatever the circumstance, our reason for fasting should be to enjoy God.

• What are some “things” that you have the right to enjoy?
• Of those “things,” which would be a sacrifice for you to abstain from for a time in order to seek God to enjoy Him?
• How can you as a community group seek to enjoy God together?

*As a group, fast from something sometime this week, and share with one another how you experienced God.

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