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Good Tree, Good Fruit

October 25, 2015 Speaker: Carlos Montoya Series: #RealTalk

As we continue our study on the sermon of Jesus, we see that Jesus teaches about false prophets and how they are distinguishable by their deeds, just as righteous people can be identified by theirs. He uses the word “Beware”(which means to be alert or on guard against) to warn us of the wolves in sheeps clothing.

1. How do you recognize the warning signs surrounding you?

2. Why do you think Jesus points out false prophets?

3. What is discernment and why does Jesus call us to exercise discernment?

Not everyone who claims to be Christian is on that narrow path. It’s important to recognize that false prophets have real power. Supernatural power can only come from two places God or satan. The enemy is going to constantly work to deceive and lead sheep astray using that power. This is a constant tactic that will continue and won’t stop. As Christians it is essential that we are on guard constantly discerning the warning signs in our lives.

1. What tools and authority do we have to expose a false prophet that is in our midst?

2. Are there people that surround you that have itching ears and try to tear down sound doctrine, can you recognize them?

3. Why is it so essential to proclaim the Gospel?

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