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November 8, 2015 Speaker: Carlos Montoya Series: #RealTalk

This week we conclude our study of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. In conclusion, Jesus calls us to reconsider His words and to honestly assess our own lives. Jesus' sermon is not filled with empty factoids or useless trivial knowledge. Instead, Jesus has laid out for us how we are to live our daily lives as Kingdom-citizens. Furthermore, He has shown us that He is the foundation on which we are to live on; not our works, not our wants, not our worth, nor this world. He goes even further to say that now, having been told how we are to live, and having revealed to us His sole authority over us and gracious love for us, we need to live out what we've been taught.

1. Why does Jesus emphasize that we must do what He teaches?

2. What is the difference between doing what Jesus teaches, and living it out?

3. How does James 1:22-25 coincide with what Jesus has just said in Matthew?

4. What are specific times that you have trouble accepting and living the truths of the Gospel? Why?

Jesus tells us that storms WILL come upon us in our lives. They will come as a result of sin, or as an attack from satan, or as persecution from the world. We need to remember that no matter their source, God allows storms in our lives to reveal to us what sorts of foundations we have built our lives on. Ultimately it is God being gracious and merciful in pointing us to Jesus, the only foundation upon whom we should be building every aspect of our lives upon.

1. How does this relate to last week's teaching?

2. How do you react when storms arise in your own life?

3. What false foundations has God revealed to you in your own life?

4. What does it look like to rebuild those fallen areas of your life on Jesus?

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