What To Expect

Hebrews tells us not to neglect from meeting with each other (Heb. 10:25). So each Sunday when we come together, there are a few things that we hope are evident. These are things like our love for Jesus, our love for our church, and our love for Santa Fe. We want a few small things to be known to our guests that you might not otherwise know:

- Our music can be loud but we understand if you don't want to sing. Sometimes it's hard to open up in a new place. We like to make a joyful noise, and you're invited to join us if you'd like. 

-  We're not trying to make statements with what we wear, other than that we love Jesus.  We would rather know about what's in your heart than what's in your closet. Please dress comfortably. We're really glad you decided to spend time with us.

- Our kids are usually pretty occupied in Childcare. Please feel free to check them in and grab a cup of coffee before service. 

- There is a time where our members and regulars come alongside the Gospel financially and give, but if you're new, please don't feel pressured to do so. Jesus means more to us than money, and we want the same for you.



Join us Sundays at 

10:00 a.m.